Know Your Civil Rights

Protect yourself from illegal search and seizure

4th Amendment

Persons are to be free from unreasonable search and seizure of their persons or property. This includes their body, vehicle and home. All searches and seizures without a valid warrant are considered to be unreasonable. There are only a few well-defined exceptions to this rule of law.

Evidence from unconstitutional searches and seizures are subject to being excluded from presentation in the trial of the accused. Your lawyer must be knowledgeable and aggressive in the defense of your 4th amendment rights.

5th Amendment

No-person shall be required to give evidence or testimony against themselves. This is perhaps an accused person’s most important constitutional protection. This right is guaranteed if you are in police custody being questioned (Miranda warning), or if you are on trial in a criminal court. Your lawyer must know how to preserve this most important constitutional right for your protection.

6th Amendment

Persons have the right to be represented by a lawyer during all stages of a criminal case. The choice of the right lawyer will be the most important decision a person charged with a crime will make.

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