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How do I find a attorney who specializes in handling juvenile cases?

Are there any age limitations for bringing a juvenile into court?

What is the juvenile justice system?

Additional videos:

How is being tried as a juvenile different than being tried as an adult?

What can happen to a juvenile when they are found guilty?

Do juveniles have the same right to counsel as do adults?/a>

Am I entitled to have Miranda rights read to me before I am questioned as a juvenile?

Am I entitled to have my parents present before I am questioned by the police?

Why should I hire a defense attorney?

How can I find a qualified defense attorney?

What will it cost to hire a defense attorney?

If my child fights back against a bully, can he or she get in trouble?

Are the parents of children who are bullies liable to their victims?

Are schools liable when children are bullied at school or on the bus?

What are juvenile diversion and mediation programs?

What are my rights when under arrest?

What constitutes an unreasonable search and seizure under the fourth amendment?

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