Domestic Violence Charges

Have you been accused of physical or sexual violence against someone who shares your household? You may be facing domestic violence charges, even if the victim does not wish to pursue legal action against you. Domestic abuse charges have consequences on your family and your children.

Your Questions Answered

Q: Is domestic violence a crime punishable under criminal law?

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Skilled Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Violent crimes carry serious consequences and are aggressively prosecuted. You need a lawyer with the knowledge and skills necessary to stand up to the prosecution and defend your rights.

With more than 25 years of trial experience, I possess the tools to defend you against a domestic battery accusation. I will thoroughly investigate your case by reviewing police reports, witness statements and conducting a comprehensive attorney-client privileged interview with you.

A conviction for even a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, for first time offenders will result in the loss of your 2nd Amendment right to purchase a firearm. A conviction may result in probation, community service, the completion of a batterer’s program or jail time.

At Langston Law, in Olathe, Kansas, I’ll never downplay your concerns. I understand that family violence allegations are often the result of a misunderstood situation. I will educate you on your rights and minimize anxieties about your violent crimes charge. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect you from a domestic abuse conviction.

What to Expect

After determining the circumstances of your arrest, we can begin to develop a defense strategy that will either defeat or reduce the charges against you. I’m prepared to try every case and only if the evidence dictates should you consider a plea agreement. You are involved in every stage of the process.

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