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Langston Law represents clients facing municipal, state and federal felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. My Olathe, Kansas law practice serves clients in Kansas and Missouri. My mission is to defend your case. I will render an opinion about possible defenses and then work closely with you to develop a successful defense strategy.

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In my 25 year career as a criminal defense attorney I have learned many things. Chief among them is a criminal defendant and his attorney must be a team. Prosecutors have at their disposal police departments to investigate crimes, crime labs to analyze evidence, coroners to determine cause of death and many other resources provided to them by the government.

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In serious felony crimes, prosecutors obtain convictions more than 75% of the time. You must have a skillful, tenacious advocate to stand with you in court.

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When you call our office you'll always speak with a person, not a machine. Our 24 hour answering service allows us to provide an unparalleled degree of accessibility to our clients. My phone is answered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Calls returned after hours and on the weekend.

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