• You Are Never Alone.

    Life just smacked you in the face and the situation just got very real. Who you turn to makes all the difference. Charged or convicted, we're here 24/7, protecting your rights.

  • Experience Counts

    Now's not the time for uncertainty. Charged with possession or intent to sell, you need a tough, experienced criminal defense lawyer.

  • Protect Your Freedom.

    DWI and DUI convictions can have lasting consequences. Protect your job, your license, and your freedom from suspensions, increased fines and jail time.

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Assault with cell phone

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Protection around the clock

Life doesn't end at 5 pm and neither does serving our clients. Our 24 hour answering service allows us to always be available whenever you need us.

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Charged with a crime

Unsure what to do next? We have answers to your questions. Contacting our office will be the most important step you make in protecting your freedom.

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